Warning – Free accounts that don’t have our ads up will be suspended for 1 week minimum

Warning – If you own your domain or use a free subdomain be sure you always have our ads up. If we discover your site without ads we will suspend your site for a “period of time”. Repeat offenses get worse and can lead to account termination. If you have emailed us for help with ads you are immune from these punishments for not having our ads up due to difficulty installing them.

  • Fist offense: 1 week suspension
  • Second offense: 2 week suspension
  • Third offense: 1 month account suspension
  • Fourth offense: You struck out, your account just got deleted with ZERO warnings (well you had 3 actually by now), any backups will NOT be made available unless you pay us a reinstatement fee of $20.

This rule applies to BOTH WORDPRESS & COPPERMINE GALLERY!  If missing the ad on either your account will be suspended!

We are tired of sites not having our adcodes so it is important that you follow our terms of services or face the consequences of not doing so.

Domains we own are immune from this rule, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be put up for adoption, see previous post!