A Change of Direction

Free Fansite Hosting will now be an exclusive free fansite host for fansites that have good traffic. This is mostly due to Google refusing to serve ads on new/smaller fansites that do not have much traffic. But it is also due to the rising licensing costs of cpanel and other necessary hardware/software to provide a great hosting experience.

We will also no longer offer free domains. Existing domains that we own will be sold. Admins of the sites will have the first option to purchase the domains, however if you do not pay our asking price we will attempt to find another buyer. If your domain is sold then you will be able to keep the content to use on another domain/subdomain.

If we are unable to sell the domain you will eventually be given the opportunity to “take over payments” and own the domain for no cost besides the yearly renewal fee. This is only if we are unable to find a buyer, popular celebrity TLD’s may be renewed by us in an attempt to give more time to find a buyer.

The good news about this change in direction means we will be able to provide better support to the sites that generate ad revenue. Our servers will also become MUCH faster with fewer sites on them. We also hope to offer ad revenue sharing in the future to encourage popular fansites to use our services instead of other hosts. This should be possible if we are no longer hosting sites that are unable to pay their share of the hosting costs!

We look forward to the exciting changes coming to Free Fansite Hosting. We are sad that we must leave behind the “new/unprofitable” fansites but the changes with Google & software licensing has made it nearly impossible to continue hosting those sites without losing money.