Below are the ad codes required to be on every page of your fansite including any forums, galleries, etc. These are required to help pay for expensive server costs and domain names. New Fansites do not have to have the codes installed until they are finished designing the site and ready to launch.

The ad must be located in the header or the top of the sidebar. You are NOT allowed to put the ads into a DIV that restricts the size of the ad. The ad is responsive so it may NOT be the same size every time. Do not design your theme around our ad, the ad should be able to do whatever it wants and have spacing between it and any other images.

Required Adcode - Must be placed near top of page/sidebar.

WordPress Install Directions:

  • Copy/Paste the code into your theme file directly. (We recommend the header.php file, but the sidebar.php file can also work).
  • OR add a plugin to wordpress that allows PHP in widgets then copy/paste the code into a widget.

Ensure that the ad shows fully, themes are not allowed to “cut off” or “hide” any part of the advertisement.

Coppermine Gallery Install Directions:

  1. In coppermine config “theme settings => custom header field” put in: “/ad.php“. * Same place you change the gallery theme.
  2. Edit your coppermine theme file template.html and add: {CUSTOM_HEADER} where you want the advertisement to show. *Must be above {GALLERY}

We are more then happy to assist you with the installation of the required ads if you have difficulty. Be sure to contact us and include your URL, coppermine gallery login info & server so we can more quickly assist you.

Required Links

Required Links Install Directions:

Copy and paste the required links into the footer.php or sidebar.php file of your wordpress theme. PleaseĀ  also add to the footer of your coppermine theme and anything else such as forums, video archives, etc.