Sadly we currently are not offering free hosting to “new sites” due to Google not showing ads for sites until they are fully established and popular. We hope to open these free services in the future if we can find an alternative way to pay for them.

Until then in order to get free hosting you must first signup for “paid” hosting from – Plans start at only $3/month. Once your site is fully established and popular you can display our ads for 1 month, if your site is successful at displaying ads then it can earn “free fansite hosting”.

We do apologize for making you signup for paid hosting before earning free hosting, but it is the only way we can continue providing free hosting to hundreds of popular fansites.

In the past the popular fansites made enough ad revenue to support sites that did not, now popular sites generate just enough ad revenue to cover their costs, they no longer generate extra revenue to allow us to host sites that do not “pull their weight” when it comes to paying expensive server hosting costs.

Subdomains Available:

  • *New unique/trendy subdomain!
  • *Shortest available

Paid Website Hosting available from:

Our Name Servers are: