We are always looking for more admins, webmasters and fans to join our team. At FreeFansiteHosting.com it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced webmaster or first time fan that wants to create their first fansite we can help! Please read our Guide to starting a Fansite at Free Fansite Hosting for the smoothest experience before starting below!

Requirements to earn a free domain!

  • Fansite MUST be built with themes.
  • Fansite MUST have a Coppermine Photo Gallery with most photos already uploaded.
  • Fansite MUST have 20+ unique visitors daily! (Track with Google Analytics)  NEW Requirement
  • Fansites not in English must have 50+ unique visitors daily! (Track with Google Analytics) NEW Requirement

If you do not want to meet these requirements before earning a free domain then please consider adopting a fansite we already have or simply purchasing your own domain for only $12/year!

Enjoy the largest selection of subdomains out of all fansite hosts online! (Currently 14!)

Subdomains Available:

  • yoursitename.supreme.fan *New unique/trendy subdomain!
  • yoursitename.a-1.fan *New short url available!
  • yoursitename.fan.pw *Shortest available
  • yoursitename.fans.bz
  • yoursitename.afan.site
  • yoursitename.is-hot.org
  • yoursitename.fanhost.net
  • yoursitename.fanhost.org
  • yoursitename.fansite.gallery
  • yoursitename.fansitehost.com
  • yoursitename.actressdata.com
  • yoursitename.freefansitehosting.com
  • yoursitename.freefansitehosting.net
  • yoursitename.freefansitehosting.org

We can also create a subdomain using any domain on our fansites page. Contact us if you would like a custom subdomain created.
Example: sp.jenniferlawrence.org

Please remember that it may take anywhere from 1 – 7 days to receive a response!

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