New Ads getting installed for “some” sites

Just a heads up that some sites will now have the new Google Autoads. Google Autoads will automatically put advertisements throughout your webpage.

We still only require 1 “adcode” per page, but that “1 adcode” may produceĀ  several ads on your pages. Sadly the days of “1 banner per page” no longer pay for our basic hosting costs, so we are forced to change our policies. We do NOT plan to implement POP-UPs or POP-Unders so your site won’t become a total joke like other free fansite hosts.

Please remember that it is Google who will determine the # of ads and the placements and that will change depending on who is viewing the website (some may see 0 ads while others see 5 ads per page). If the “auto-ads” break your website design then please contact us and we will help fix the issue so the ads do not break your theme layout.

If you are unhappy with the new ads (or JSEcoin Mining) then please feel free to start paying for your own hosting and signup for our excellent services at , or – No server transfer required to upgrade to ad-free paid hosting!