Free Subdomain Hosting is Coming to an End

Due to falling ad revenue we have decided to end our free subdomain hosting. If you have a subdomain then you need to signup for one of our paid hosting plans or download a backup of your site as we will begin removing them in December. A very few subdomain accounts will continue to receive hosting due to generating enough ad revenue to warrant it.

Also all free accounts must now generate at least $5/year in ad revenue. Any account that goes over a year without generating at least $5 in ad revenue will need to pay $5 in order to continue being hosted. Accounts that do not reach this minimum will be notified and will have 60 days to move their site to another service or pay $5 for another year at our services. This $5 fee would not count as paid hosting, you would still need to display our ads. If you would like ad-free hosting please signup for one of our paid plans at