Top server is having loading issues as we transfer subdomains to free server.

All subdomains are in the process of being transferred to the free server with Direct Admin instead of cpanel. This process may take a while to complete. Some sites may only take a few days while others may take weeks. This is due to the manual steps needed to ensure the sites work correctly on Direct Admin.

WARNING- Any updates made after today on subdomains WILL NOT BE SAVED/TRANSFERRED to the free server. So please be aware you will need to recreate posts and reupload images added from now until your subdomain transfer is complete.

During this process we expect the top server to have performance issues due to the intensive backup process that is needed to transfer accounts from cpanel to Direct Admin.

I do apologize for the headaches but changing to Direct Admin is our only option to continue offering free hosting. Sadly, Cpanel is no longer a viable option for free hosting.