All Free accounts now require a $1 setup fee + other new fees.

All Free accounts will now have to pay $1 to get setup. This will lower fraud and hackers from getting free accounts. This will also help support the falling revenue ads are providing for our free hosting services.

Fee’s now associated with our free services:

  • Initial account setup costs $1 per account.
  • Accounts that get suspended will be required to pay $1 to get un-suspended. Reasons you will get suspended:
    • Not having our ads/links up properly.
    • Breaking other terms of services.
    • Getting Hacked.
  • If your site is hacked and you decide to pay us to clean it ($5/site) then we will waive the re-activation fee of $1. If you fail to clean your site within 7 days and hacker activity persists it will get re-suspended.
  • Transfers cost $10/site – PERIOD!

These additional fee’s are associated with my time in order to police those that do not follow the rules. Accounts not put within good-standing will be removed from our services.

ANY domain we own is for sale – If interested contact us!!!!!!