More Help for our Admins!

One of our many goals here at Free Fansite Hosting is to help inexperienced admins learn to run a fansite. We are proud to let everyone know that we have now developed a few tutorials to help new fansite admins succeed in creating a great fansite!

What is new you ask? We now have step-by-step guides for installing the two MOST popular video sharing scripts (also known as Youtube clones). These scripts are normally a big pain in the but to get working on any server, but if you carefully follow our guides then you should have your video sharing fansite up and running in no time.

We also added a reference page for our advanced admins to find out the “Absolute Server Path” for many programs and scripts accessible on our server. This list is NOT all inclusive and if you need to know the server path for anything let us know and we will add it to the list. We will even go as far as installing scripts or programs our server is currently missing! How is that for Free Fansite Support?

Check out the guides here:

PS- More tutorials and themes coming soon!