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Server Transfer Complete

All accounts have been transferred to the new server. Please verify your site is working. If any problems then contact us.

Also the signup system is currently broken. We hope to fix it soon, until then contact us to apply for a new subdomain.


New server transfer in process

UPDATE: Most sites have been transferred to the new server. Some databases did not copy correctly so if your site still has a database error then contact us and we will fix it.

Also, if your coppermine gallery has weird “warnings/errors” above your theme then you need to update Coppermine photo gallery to the newest version. If you need help with that then please contact us.


Free Fansite Hosting is growing again! We recently installed a new server and we will begin migration of accounts immediately. Your fansite will experience ZERO downtime as long as your scripts are compatible with the newest version of PHP. The new server may be missing some dependencies for more advanced scripts so if your fansite breaks during the move then please contact us and we will help fix it.

To make sure you connect to the correct server when using FTP you should use your domain as the host.


CryptoPHP hack is infecting fansites, is yours one of them?

UPDATE: So after searching through all our fansites I found 3 that were infected by this new hack. I also accidentally crashed our server and we had a little bit of downtime. I apologize for this but everything is back up and running right now. Due to the sites that got infected our main IP address was blacklisted on the RBL database. This will likely cause some email issues over the next few days but it should all get worked out as I’ve already submitted the request to delist us from the blacklist. If you experience any issues with your fansite then be sure to contact us!

———- Original Post Below ————

CryptoPHP is a relatively new hack that is infecting a few fansites on our servers. These sites are being infected because they are installing “nulled/illegal/free” wordpress themes and plugins from sites online like: nulledstylez(dot)com & dailynulled(dot)com. Please do not visit these sites or use illegal “nulled” themes and plugins as they almost ALWAYS contain backdoors that allow hackers into your fansite (and onto our servers).

If you need a free theme then please use ours or find designers that will create a free one for you. I promise “nulled” themes and plugins will only cause problems for us all.

If you would like to read more about the CryptoPHP hack then visit the White Paper.

Here is a larger list of sites offering these “hacked/nulled” themes/plugins. DO NOT download anything from these sites:

  • anythingforwp(dot)com
  • awesome4wp(dot)com
  • bestnulledscripts(dot)com
  • dailynulled(dot)com
  • freeforwp(dot)com
  • freemiumscripts(dot)com
  • getnulledscripts(dot)com
  • izplace(dot)com
  • mightywordpress(dot)com
  • nulledirectory(dot)com
  • nulledlistings(dot)com
  • nullednet(dot)com
  • nulledstylez(dot)com
  • nulledwp(dot)com
The backdoored plugins are not only available from the previously mentioned site, but other websites publishing ‘nulled’ plugins and themes now host them as well. Do not use “nulled” themes!


Our admins now have another domain to use for subdomains – Fansite.Host !

Be sure to be one of the first admins to reserve your celebrity fansite subdomain using our new domain Fansite.Host!

  • Example –

We now have 11 domains that can be used for subdomains! Also, did you know we can add subdomains for ANY domain we have listed on our Hosted Fansites page. Basically if you wanted something like then we could do it. Contact Us directly if you want a subdomain using one of our other fansite domains.


Applying for new site or adoption?

If you applied for a new site in the last few weeks and have not received a response from us then please re-send your request!


Need a New Host? Need Your Fansite Domain Renewed?

Free Fansite Hosting would like to let all of the fansite admins out their know that we are hear to help your fansite succeed. If you have an existing fansite that needs a new host to call home then please contact us and we will setup a cpanel account for you and assist in transferring your site to our servers! We can even take over paying for your domain renewal costs. Just contact us for details!