Keep our ads up to follow new rules!

Due to falling ad revenue we are now requiring accounts meet certain requirements to be hosted for free.

FREE DOMAINS (that we pay for) must now get 20 unique visitors DAILY. If your site doesn’t receive that many visitors then you will need to purchase the domain from us, or if you cannot afford it you may be able to sponsor it for $6/year if you receive at least 5 unique visitors daily. If you still can’t afford it your site/domain will be converted to a subdomain, sold or deleted. We will contact you prior to making the decision.

SUBDOMAINS/ALL ACCOUNTS over 1GB must now get 30 unique visitors MONTHLY in order to remain active. Accounts that do not have any visitors will be removed. This means galleries that don’t have visitors will be removed. We will warn accounts with domains before deleting accounts, old subdomains will not receive any warnings. New subdomains are exempt from this rule for the first 6 months.

Anyone is more then welcome to upgrade to our paid hosting services at, & if they do not like these new rules. The $5 unlimited hosting at is 50% off with the coupon code FFH *offer only valid for free accounts converting to paid hosting.

UNIQUE VISITORS are determined by Google Analytics code inside our ads. So if your account doesn’t have our ads up then your visitors are not getting counted!