1. Download the required files from http://freefansitehosting.com/downloads/phpmotion.zip (this is version 3.5 already modified to work in the folder /videos/ on your fansite IF you follow our directions below)
  2. Extract the zip folder.
  3. Upload the entire folder “videos” to the /public_html/ directory via FTP. *DO NOT change the name of the folder “videos”. Our version of PHPMotion must be installed in”public_html/videos/” or it will not work properly

    • We recommend using FileZilla to upload the files.
    • The following folder: /videos/cgi-bin/ must be CHMOD to 755 – to do this in FileZilla right-click the “cgi-bin” folder and select “File permissions..“, Under “Numeric Value” put in “755” and select “recurse into subdirectories” – “apply to all files and directories” then hit “ok”
  4. Now we need to create a MySQL database. Login to cpanel at http://freefansitehosting.com/cpanel and click “MySQL Databases” in the “Databases” category.
  5. Under “Create New Database” put in a name for your database and click “Create Database“. *Be sure to write down this entire database name to be used later!
  6. Click “Go Back
  7. Now, under “MySQL Users Add New User” pick a name for the username and choose a secure password and click “Create User“. *Be sure to write down the entire username and password to be used later!
  8. Click “Go Back
  9. Under “Add User to Database” select the username you created in step 7.
  10. Under “Add User to Database” select the database you created in step 5.
  11. Click “Add
  12. Check the box next to “ALL PRIVILEGES”  then click “Make Changes
  13. You are done creating the MySQL database and can now continue to install PHPMotion. *Remember you will need the full database name and username and password in order to successfully install PHPMotion.
  14. Visit the install page on your fansite http://www.yourdomain.com/videos/setup * be sure to change “yourdomain” to your fansite.
  15. Click the “Continue” button.
  16. Click the “Continue” button again.
  17. Click the “Continue” button again.
  18. For “MySQL Host” input “localhost
  19. For “MySQL Database” input the full name of the database picked in step 5. (it will look like cpanelusername_database)
  20. For “MySQL Username” input the full name of the username picked in step 7. (it will also like cpanelusername_username)
  21. Input the secure password selected in step 7.
  22. Click “Continue
  23. Fill out your Admin Details section completely. *Be sure to write this down as you will need it to setup your video fansite and add/approve/delete videos.
  24. Under “Site Name” put what you want your video section of your fansite to be named.
  25. Under “Website Url” you need to put http://yourdomain.com/videos – Be sure you change this depending on yourdomain.com.
  26. Under “System Email Address” put in your email address and put in whatever “From Name” you want.
  27. Click “Continue
  28. You must now delete the “public_html/videos/setup” folder from your FTP
  29. Click “Login to Site Admin” using the username and password you picked on step 23.
  30. You must create at least 1 category before you can upload videos. Select “Manage => Video Categories
  31. You are now ready to upload videos! *If you run into errors when uploading be sure you remembered to set the CHMOD is step 3.

You may want to go through the rest of the settings and modify them for your fansite’s needs..