1. Login to your cpanel account at http://freefansitehosting.com/cpanel
  2. Click on “Softaculous” at the top OR under the “Software/Services” section.
  3. Once inside Softaculous you will see a menu of items on the left side of the page. Scroll down and click on the “Video” section.
  4. Now click “ClipBucket”
  5. Look for the blue “Install” button on the menu at the top-right of the page.
  6. Update the following fields with your information:
    • Site Name
    • Site Description
    • Admin Username
    • Admin Password
    • Admin Email
  7. Click Install

Congrats, ClipBucket is now installed… BUT WAIT.. you must now change a few settings to make it work!

  1. Login to the admin panel where you installed clipbucket. You should be given a link after the install finished in the previous steps.
  2. Click “Website Configurations” on the left side menu.
  3. Click the 2nd tab at the top “Uploading and Conversion Settings”
  4. Use the settings below for each section:
    • FFMPEG: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
    • PHP: /usr/local/bin/php
    • MP4Box: /usr/local/bin/MP4Box
    • FLVtool2: /usr/bin/flvtool2
    • MPlayer: /usr/bin/mplayer
    • FLVtool++: /usr/local/bin/flvtool++
  5. Select YES to “Turn on VF”.
  6. Check the “Server Friendly Conversion” box.
  7. Change “Max upload file size” to 50. (the largest a video can be is 50 MB)
  8. Click Update Settings

We recommend not to modify other settings on this page unless you understand what they do.

You will want to now select the “Website Settings” tab and customize it for your fansite and the settings you want.

*Please note that you can NOT turn on “SEO urls” on the “Website Settings” Page. If you turn them on then the site will not work properly. To fix just turn it back to “NO”.