1. Download the required theme files and unzip them to your computer.
  2. Look for files named “JaneAust.ttf” & “Popsies.ttf” – This is the font that is used in the theme. Depending on what operating system you use depends how you install it.
    • Windows 7 & Vista: Right click the file and click Install
    • Previous Versions of Windows: Drag the file to the “fonts” folder located at: “Start => Control Panel => Fonts
  3. Open & Edit the following Photoshop PSD files in order to add your celebrity photo and your site name.
    • site_name.psd
    • celebrity.psd
    • sidebar_1.psd (you can make more then one of these as long as you edit the sidebar HTML correctly).
    • sidebar_bottom.psd
    • footer.psd
  4. After you finish editing the files above to match your site you will need to save each of them using the following steps:
    1. Click “File => Save As“.
    2. In the center of the box navigate to the Theme Folder named “images“.
    3. In the “Format” Drop-Down Box select .PNG (*.PNG)
    4. Be sure you DO NOT rename the files or they will not work properly in the theme. The ending of each file will change to .png (lowercase).
  5. Upload your theme FOLDER with FTP to your wordpress theme folder usually located at: “public_html/wp-content/themes/” – FTP Connection Info below:
    • Host: freefansitehosting.com
    • User: your cpanel login username (included in account setup email)
    • Password: your cpanel login password (included in account setup email.)
  6. Login to WordPress and go to the “Appearance => Theme” Tab and Activate the theme!
  7. After activating the theme you will need to create your pages (biography, filmography, etc) .
  8. After creating your pages you will need to create a menu. You can easily do so using WordPress by navigating to “Appearance => Menus”.
    1. Click the “+” sign to add a new menu.
    2. Name the menu anything you want.
    3. Use the “Custom Links“, “Pages” & “Categories” sections on the left side of the screen to add links to the menu you created.
    4. Remember to hit the Save button below your custom menu.
    5. Now in the “Theme Locations” section of the page use the drop down under the “Top-Menu“, “Sidebar-Menu” or “Footer-Menu” to select the appropriate menu.
    6. Remember to hit the Save button below the drop-downs!
    7. Repeat this process for multiple menus, this theme can support 3!
  9. Congrats! Your theme is officially installed and ready to go. All you need to do now is create posts, add a photo gallery and whatever else you can think of!


Hints, Tips & Tricks:

  • We recommend that you setup and use the category and/or tag features of wordpress to improve search engine rankings!
  • If you know basic HTML then you can modify the theme menu’s manually instead of using WordPress’s Custom Menu’s. Just look for the “comments” inside the theme files that tell you were to put the HTML code!


If you need help or have suggestions for this Free Fansite Hosting theme guide then please contact us.