Cyber Monday (Black Friday Deals)

Fansite Host Cyber Monday (Black Friday) coupon code is now live until the end of November. Enjoy 50% off all hosting products. This promotion does not cover domain registrations. Existing members can use this code to upgrade your service or pre-pay for future months. You must use the code “CM” at checkout for the discount… Continue reading Continue reading


Terms of Service Update

The following rule has been added to our terms of service. If your site is currently breaking this new rule then please fix it so it complies. You are not allowed to add an “alias” domain to domains we own. If you purchase an additional domain the ONLY way that is acceptable is if you… Continue reading


Paid Unlimited Hosting for Unlimited Websites now available at Fansite.Host

Fansite.Host is now open again! Check out fansite hosting simplified! Unlimited Hosting for 1 site only $5/month. Unlimited Hosting for all of your websites for only $10/month or $90/year. Fansite.Host uses the exact same server as and has a remote SQL server with SSD Hard Drives. uses the server which is… Continue reading


Update your config files if on FREE Server

Many of your already received an email but here is more information on what to do: Config files need changed to use instead of localhost in all config files. WordPress config file is in the public_html directory usually and is called wp-config.php Copperming config file is in /public_html/GALLERY/includes/ After you make the change if… Continue reading


Our Free Services Just Got Faster!

We are proud to announce that the server is now back online with SSD Hard Drives running the OS and all databases. As of 12 CST we copied all account’s databases from the server to the server. This took about 2 hours so if you made updates between 12:00 AM CST and… Continue reading


Server Account Changes for all accounts on

All accounts on the server are being transferred tonight and tomorrow. Accounts under 21 GB are being moved to the server Accounts over 21 GB are being moved to the server. Sites will experience no downtime unless your database password is too weak then it will automatically be changed when transferred and… Continue reading

More joins the FFH Family!

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More opens at Free Fansite Hosting!

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Alexandra Daddario Fansite opens at FFH!

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