Q: Is your fansite hosting really free?
a: YES. FreeFansiteHosting.com is 100% free, all you have to do is follow our Terms of Service and have up the required ADCODE + links to Free Fansite Hosting, our DMCA & Privacy Policy.

Q: Where can I find the required adcodes?
a: Click Here to get the required ad codes for your free fansite!

Q: Do I have Cpanel, PHP, WordPress, Forums and FTP?
a: Yes. We give you everything. Simply login your CPANEL and use softaculous to install WordPress/Coppermine/etc. If our server is missing something that your script/software needs then please contact us and we may be able to enable it!

Q: Does my fansite get backed up?
A: ABSOLUTELY! FreeFansiteHosting.com gives you monthly backups. We automatically backup all domains and have 1-2 months going back! We currently do not backup our subdomains so be sure you manually keep backups. You should however maintain your own backup just in case we cannot restore ours.

Q: Do you offer Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Disk Space
A: YES! We do not limit our celebrity fansites to space or bandwidth. If your site needs more of either contact us and we will upgrade your account.

Q: I own a domain already, what nameservers should I use?
A: To host your own domain you should set your name servers to:

Q: Can you help me transfer my fansite from my old host?
A: Yes, we will help you transfer your fansite and set it up in no time!

Q: I lost my password. How can i recover it?
A:  Please use the lost/reset password link at the login screen. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder as the password reset may go there! If you are unsuccessful then please contact us.

Q: Do you have a theme I can use for my fansite?
A:  There are many designers available that offer low-cost themes and you can even find a couple free fansite themes on our forum. Check out this designer for affordable designs: WordPress & Coppermine themes from GratrixDesigns – FFH Hostees get 20% OFF all WordPress & Coppermine packages.