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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone. I’ve been slacking a bit lately, have a bunch of new fansite’s that launched that need to be announced. Hopefully I will have time soon!

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Cyber Monday (Black Friday Deals)

Fansite Host Cyber Monday (Black Friday) coupon code is now live until the end of November.

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Server Account Changes for all accounts on

All accounts on the server are being transferred tonight and tomorrow. Accounts under 21 GB are being moved to the server

Accounts over 21 GB are being moved to the server.

Sites will experience no downtime unless your database password is too weak then it will automatically be changed when transferred and that will need fixed.

The server will be undergoing extended maintenance as we install (2) 480 GB SSD Hard drives, 48 GB of additional memory and an upgrade to CentOS 7. Our plans are to make this server the SQL server for our server. We may even have some pure SSD Hosting available soon from our paid hosting services The upgrades will make our hosting even FASTER then ever! We hope to have the ido server back up and running within a week.

If questions or problems just contact us!


Paid Fansite Transfers from ANY host OPEN again! Earn $10-$20!!

If you own a fansite and currently pay for hosting yourself or are at another free host then switch to us and get $20 if you already own your domain. If you need a new domain we will purchase one for you but then your transfer bonus is only $10. This offer is only for fansites that have been open for over 1 year! Just contact us if interested! If your fansite is popular enough it will be on our new FAST SSD server also!


Fast SSD Server Up & No Cloud Linux at FFH!

Our new server is up and running and many admins have already been transferred to it with more to come. This new server features SSD hard drives for the operating system and SQL databases making what is usually the slowest part of serving a fansite faster then ever! As SSD hard drive prices get cheaper we plan to add them to the other two servers and any new server we implement will come with them also. The file storage portion of your account still uses regular enterprise hard drives as that is how we can allow unlimited space!

So NO to Cloud Linux with us!

We decided a few months ago NOT to use Cloud Linux on our servers as they LIMIT each account to a certain amount of server usage. This means if your fansite gets a surge of traffic then a Cloud server will slow your site down as to not affect the performance of other fansites (good for other fansites, bad for yours). Since our servers are designed to handle a massive amount of traffic we have rarely had issues with a fansite using so much resources that the server is affected, so in essence Cloud Linux is only NEEDED when a host OVERLOADS their servers with too many accounts that it can’t handle “surge” traffic from them. We personally think Cloud Linux is useless and mostly a marketing ploy to turn a free product “Cent OS” into a PAID product aka Cloud Linux!

We allow fansites that get a surge of traffic to use as much of the server resources as needed as to keep it up and running, this is very useful for when your fansite gets extra traffic due to a season finale, awards show or just some juicy “gate” scandal! We promise we will try not to overload our servers to the point that your individual fansite is affected!

If questions let us know in the forums!


Attention WordPress Users

If you use WordPress then you may have noticed you have a new login popup when logging in. The username and password to that popup is FFH. You can type it in all caps or all lowercase. We have implemented this password protection to eliminate Hackers who use “scripts” to try to guess your WordPress login information. With this 2nd password in place it will effectively eliminate all hackers from being able to hack WordPress sites on our server unless they know our “FFH” password which won’t be coded into the hackers scripts.

We may also implement this for Coppermine photo gallery, so if you see the password login popup occur on other scripts for your fansite then it is safe to assume the username/password will be FFH.

If anyone has problems accessing their site then please contact us.