New Fansite Transfers!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know we are transferring accounts as quickly as possible. So far these accounts have been completed: formerly formerly formerly formerly, getting free domain soon. formerly formerly formerly formerly formerly – Gallery still… Continue reading More

ETA on some larger site transfers!! 7 accounts are using 863 GB of hard drive space!

Updated 8/11/15 at 3:40 pm CST It would be faster to transfer these large accounts by snail mail on a 1 TB hard drive, LOL! Charmed-Online: 12 hours — 98 GB @ 53% 29 hours — 263 GB @ 38% <== U R insane, lol! 8 hours — 82 GB @ 67% uploaded… Continue reading


FAST Fansite Transfer!

We can get your replacement fansite up and running ASAP! We are almost caught up with the first round of accounts that transferred. We can start transferring yours right now. We are pulling an all-nighter! We will be available almost 24/7 for the entire weekend so expect FAST REPLIES to all emails! Count on FREE… Continue reading


Free Fansite Hosting

With the announcement that Fan Sites Network is closing we would like to extend a hand to any of their hostee’s. We can provide free hosting for any domain that you own. Just contact us with your URL and we will make an account for you immediately. We can also assist with transferring your account.… Continue reading


Free Fansite Hosting Improvements and NEW subdomains!

We are happy to announce that our subdomain signup form is back up and running on the Apply page, it is now also Mobile Friendly! We still have not fixed the forums but that is on our to-do list. We are also proud to announce the availability of THREE new subdomains to choose from. This… Continue reading