Another new Disney Star Fansite!

Be sure to keep an eye on this rising Disney star. Rowan Blanchard has one of the lead roles on the upcoming Disney Television series Girl Meets World! Be sure to visit the fansite at and welcome them to the Free Fansite Hosting family!

Rowan Blanchard


Happy Holidays!

Free Fansite Hosting would like to wish all of our hostee’s a very merry Christmas! We look forward to growing with you in the coming year!


New Server Updates

The new server has finally got FFMpeg and a few other dependencies installed in order to make PHPMotion and other video scripts work again!

We were also able to get ImageMagick and TrueType installed so captcha plugins work again.

If anyone ever has a problem with something not working or something not installed on the server that is needed then please contact us and we will help to our full ability!


Disney Channel fans check out these great new domains that need admins!

Do you just love Disney shows? Well next year (2014) The Disney Channel has two new original series coming out and we decided why not get a few domains to support the young actress stars of the shows.

Olivia Holt is best known for playing the role of Kim on the Disney XD series Kickin’ It, and starring in the Disney original movie Girl vs. Monster. But now she will have her own show called I Didn’t Do It!

Rowan Blanchard is best known for her role as Rebecca Wilson in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. She will now star in the new series Girl Meets World which is based off the old ABC show Boy Meets World.

Peyton List is best known for playing Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie!

If you are interested in adopting a fansite for either of these two upcoming starlets then just send us an email at !


Applying for new site or adoption?

If you applied for a new site in the last few weeks and have not received a response from us then please re-send your request!


New Server

We have transferred all sites to a new server. We are currently working through our list of support requests for all fansite owners that need their site re-updated from the old server due to lost posts, please remember not to update the site on the new server if you have requested us to get your old posts back as any changes made to the new server will be lost when we grab your account again from the old server!

Please be aware that your site is 100% safe and sound if it is currently not working! If you haven’t already send us an email at and we will fix anything that has broken, be sure to include your URL so we don’t have to lookup your account manually!

IMPORTANT – Be sure you are not connecting to the old server’s IP address. It is best to use your domain in the “host” field, not an IP address!

Also, the new server does NOT support Image Magick at the moment due to security reasons. If your coppermine gallery upload feature is not working then you need to go into the settings of coppermine gallery and tell it to use GD 2.xx to convert your images!