Transfers that have broken links/etc contact us! Also request to forward your old domain!

If your site was transferred in and you still have broken images/links or something just isn’t right then contact us and we will get your site fixed! There are many places that will contain your old url that may need changed like old wordpress posts. If CPMfetch is giving you an error still we can… Continue reading Continue reading


VBulletin Forum installing now! Need experienced forum admins to help setup!

VBulletin Forum installing now! We are looking for admins that are familiar with this forum that can help us get it setup as we are very busy lately catching up on non-transfer related things like adoption requests! Sorry anyone who applied for adoptions, we will process the apps soon we hope! We will also be… Continue reading


Any last minute transfers?

All transfers are complete again, if your fansite still needs transferred contact us ASAP and we will have your site transferred in about 1 day or less!

More Transfers 2/2 extracting now!

The following accounts are extracting and will be ready for name server changes starting today! arianaper arianama arinator artpopvi astridbf avrilco cristiga dnissfan daniaramirez demipt dylanobrienfansc emparika irinashay javiercid katiaave ladailyn lmex lizzieol luisanae mpspain mileyme mileymx nataverb paraisof paranoid patterns pieretti selescom selenagu sparklys taylornation themaroo urbantee velvelux So go ahead and update your… Continue reading

More transfers part 2/2

The remainder of the transfers are uploading to the server right now. We should have all accounts setup by Sunday morning/evening! We will announce the exact usernames once we start extracting the accounts. If your site was already transferred on the first wave then be sure your domain’s name servers are updated to:… Continue reading