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Are you a fan of Elijah Wood? Then why not adopt The site is up for adoption with NO CONTENT but it does now come with BRAND NEW wordpress and coppermine themes which have been designed exclusively for & Free Fansite Hosting on July 21, 2016.

If you are interested in adopting this site, please visit our adoption page.


NEW premium domain for Jennifer Lawrence up for adoption:

Be the first to apply to adopt this fansite for Jennifer Lawrence. You will be joining the ranks of the fansites below that are also hosted on our network! Between all of the sites FFH is the #1 source for Jennifer Lawrence online! Top Level domains for Jennifer Lawrence do not become available often so apply quickly! The fansite must be created in 100% English Only.


Disney Channel Original Series “Stuck in the Middle” domains available for adoption!

Stuck in the Middle Cast

Stuck in the Middle tells the story of a large family of 7 but focuses mostly on the middle daughter Harley Díaz (Jenna Ortega). Harley makes her way using her abilities as a prodigy in engineering. Most episodes will be about her large family and the problems they get themselves into!

Be sure you are one of the first to adopt these domains! We purchased extra for Jenna as we assume she will be the most popular. Stuck in the Middle premieres Spring 2016 on The Disney Channel.

Adoptions List is Up To Date!

Our adoptions page is now completely up to date and all emails regarding adoptions have been answered. We are awaiting word on some of the sites still, so please be patient! I will get back to you as soon as I can. There is no need to send multiple emails, I usually respond to emails each evening so rest assured that you’re not being ignored!