REMOVE THE YELLOW! Ad-Code Banner Creation Contest

Lots of people are complaining about the “yellow” background of the new ads. The good news is there is something you can do about that! Please feel free to submit banners for our ad banner contest! We need the 3 main sizes:

  • Leaderboard: 728×90 *Most important
  • Rectangle: 300×250
  • Wide Skyscraper: 160×600

We will be offering $20 worth of “paid hosting” to anyone we select as a winner! That means you save money on your hosting bill OR your free hosting won’t require ads for a period of time! We will select at least 3 winners (one per size) but we may select more if we receive more that we like!

Alternatively we will also offer $5 cash prizes if you do not want the $20 worth of “paid hosting”.

Please be sure the banners contain:

  • At least One of our 3 logos:
    • Fansite Host ( &
    • Fan Host ( &
    • Free Fansite Hosting (

The purpose of these banners is to create more paid hosting sales so we would prefer banners that feature our paid hosting options over our free options. However if anyone comes up with banners that feature multiple sites in the same banner that may work nicely also.



4 Fans just won $20 each just for using our forums last year! What other host does that?

The following people have won $20 each for being the top posters in our forum for 2014! Contact me via email or message and send your Paypal ID to receive your prize!

Stefy 08-30-2015 01-12-2016 89
Camille 08-30-2015 12-23-2015 88
Vicki 08-30-2015 01-15-2016 77
vintagelove 08-30-2015 01-14-2016 71


If you didn’t win this time then be sure to keep posting on our forums as next time we will randomly give out cash to anyone that has posted recently!


Make CASH Building Fansites!

Attention admins, we are now offering cash rewards for anyone that builds a fansite for specific celebrities. Up to $20 per fansite you build! We expect a design for WordPress & Coppermine along with a decent start on the photo gallery. The better you perform the more you will earn. You will earn at least $5 minimum and up to $20 if your design and fansite building skills are excellent!

We are accepting admins/designers on a first come basis, we will only accept so many applicants. For more details contact us!


NEW Contest for Design Sites!

Normally Free Fansite Hosting doesn’t provide domains for design sites. But we are looking for some “customizable themes” that can be used by our fansite admins.

We are looking for designers who want their own domain for free with hosting. All you have to do to win is design a theme for use by a variety of sites at

More details will be coming soon. The deadline for submissions is October 31st so don’t be in a hurry and design a nice theme that can be easily changed for newer admins that don’t have much image or coding skills!

Depending on the number of submissions we will be giving away at least 1 free domain, if we get a lot of qualified themes then we are willing to give out domains to the top 3 designs! Submissions should be emailed to and should be fully coded and ready to go!