We are always looking for more webmasters and fans to join our team. At it doesn’t matter if your an experienced webmaster or a first time fan that wants to create their first fansite we can help!

Check out our free fansite adoption page to take over a fansite that is already started!

We now require all fansites to be built BEFORE we purchase a domain name. This is required so you can prove to us that you are committed to making the fansite. We currently DO NOT provide free domains for fansites in foreign languages (or celebrities from foreign nations that do not speak English). Foreign language sites are more then welcome to have a subdomain OR purchase their own domain and we will host it for free. Some foreign language sites can earn a free domain by obtaining 200+ unique hits/day on their subdomain.

These are the subdomains that are available for you to use:

  • * newest available!
  • * shortest available!

Click here to create your account!

Once you have built your fansite and are ready to get a free domain then send an email to Be sure to send us a link to your site!

Do you already own your own domain and just need our Free Fansite Hosting? If so then just email us and let us know your domain and we will setup a free account for you!

Please remember that it may take anywhere from 1 – 5 days to receive a response!

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