Closing Announcement

FFH has decided to stop all free hosting due to Google Adsense no longer appreciating websites outside of their own family (like Youtube). The United States needs to end the Monopoly of this evil company as they own 90% of the ad industry that is available to smaller networks like ours.

We encourage everyone to instead use our paid hosting at

All accounts have been suspended so account owners know to contact us ASAP to transfer their site to paid hosting or to get a backup. We will only be keeping backups for 2 months. We decided it was in the best interest of our paid hosting customers to suspend sites before notifications of our hosting ending. We did this on purpose so we have 100% control over the server resources being used for backing up sites. If several tried doing it at the same time then the server would likely have issues and we want to prevent any issues for our paying customers.

Ending FFH will also allow us to focus 100% on our paid hosting services which have the quickest customer support and least # of issues compared to any other Fansite Host. We’ve been around longer then them all and we aren’t going anywhere as a paid fansite host!

This domain is for sale! Contact us if you have interest in purchasing it.

We also have many celebrity related domains up for sale. We will be taking offers on all domains.