Migration Update

All sites on the server ido.fansitehost.com are in the process of being transferred to free.fansitehost.com – This will be the last move for these accounts as we finish up the first part of our server migration.

Next we will be moving “some” select sites off of the server “top” & “fast” and moving them back to “free” now that the upgrades are completed. If anyone has problems with a site then please email us and we will fix the problem.

Please be aware if your site is being transferred that we recommend you use the server address for FTP to ensure you are connected to the proper server. Once connected to the proper server make an update to your theme so when you visit your site you can see if it is loading the “new” or “old” server. DNS updates should only take 12 hours, but they can take up to 72 hours or even longer if your browser or dns cache keeps them around.

UPDATE: 10/9-The server ido.fansitehost.com may be up/down while we finish the migration to the free.fansitehost.com server.