CryptoPHP hack is infecting fansites, is yours one of them?

UPDATE: So after searching through all our fansites I found 3 that were infected by this new hack. I also accidentally crashed our server and we had a little bit of downtime. I apologize for this but everything is back up and running right now. Due to the sites that got infected our main IP address was blacklisted on the RBL database. This will likely cause some email issues over the next few days but it should all get worked out as I’ve already submitted the request to delist us from the blacklist. If you experience any issues with your fansite then be sure to contact us!

———- Original Post Below ————

CryptoPHP is a relatively new hack that is infecting a few fansites on our servers. These sites are being infected because they are installing “nulled/illegal/free” wordpress themes and plugins from sites online like: nulledstylez(dot)com & dailynulled(dot)com. Please do not visit these sites or use illegal “nulled” themes and plugins as they almost ALWAYS contain backdoors that allow hackers into your fansite (and onto our servers).

If you need a free theme then please use ours or find designers that will create a free one for you. I promise “nulled” themes and plugins will only cause problems for us all.

If you would like to read more about the CryptoPHP hack then visit the White Paper.

Here is a larger list of sites offering these “hacked/nulled” themes/plugins. DO NOT download anything from these sites:

  • anythingforwp(dot)com
  • awesome4wp(dot)com
  • bestnulledscripts(dot)com
  • dailynulled(dot)com
  • freeforwp(dot)com
  • freemiumscripts(dot)com
  • getnulledscripts(dot)com
  • izplace(dot)com
  • mightywordpress(dot)com
  • nulledirectory(dot)com
  • nulledlistings(dot)com
  • nullednet(dot)com
  • nulledstylez(dot)com
  • nulledwp(dot)com
The backdoored plugins are not only available from the previously mentioned site, but other websites publishing ‘nulled’ plugins and themes now host them as well. Do not use “nulled” themes!